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SX-10 Compressible Offset High Speed Heatset Web Printing Blanket for Newspaper Printing

Offset Compressible Printing Blanket Specifically Designed for High Speed Commercial Printing and Newspaper Web Printing

The SX-10 is an offset compressible printing blanket specifically designed for today's high speed commercial printing and newspaper web printing where a variety of coated and uncoated papers are used. The SX-10 has been designed from the bottom up including a high tensile backing to prevent stretching, a new ply layout to minimize gauge loss, a high yield compressible layer to help absorb the pounding at high speeds, a totally new rubber surface resistant to low energy inks and solvents, a finished ground surface for better release property, a specially designed cerise color that allows viewing of a definite image on the blanket and a water resistant backing that minimizes wicking and delamination.

Features & Benefits:

  •     Consistent gauge control
  •     Finished, ground surface
  •     Excellent release properties
  •     High tensile, water and solvent resistant carcass
  •     Proofing cerise color
  •     Longer blanket life
  •     Ultra sharp dot, eliminates dot gain






Surface Hardness:



3 or 4 ply

3 ply .067

4 ply .075 and .077



SX-10 is an offset compressible printing blanket specifically designed for today's high speed heatset web printing.

As with all DYC/Kinyo offset printing blankets the thickness is guaranteed to be within .0008” from roll to roll.

The DYC/Kinyo manufacturing process guarantees uniformity of thickness from blanket to blanket, no pinholes and no porosity. The blankets are guaranteed to be talc free, in perfect condition and ready to mount on your press when you receive them. If our blankets do not perform, it will cost you nothing. Consistent, Superior Quality Guaranteed.


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